At Sunta, we're dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality household products that enhance the lives of families across the world. We believe that by putting our customers first, investing in research and development, and upholding our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, we can make a positive difference in the world.

Our story

In 1986, Datuk Steven Lee founded SUNTA, a toy manufacturing company in Alor Gajah, Malaysia. Starting with plastic injection toys, SUNTA expanded into foam toys in 2000, offering safe and innovative products for children. Despite challenges like rising costs and competition, SUNTA's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction set them apart. Today, after over 35 years of success, SUNTA continues to expand its household product line as a global brand.


SUNTA's mission is to create high-quality household products that meet the needs of families. They prioritize exceptional customer service and sustainability, aiming to make a positive difference in the world while exceeding expectations.


SUNTA aims to be Asia's top household products brand with innovative and high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. They invest in research and development to anticipate customer needs and are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. SUNTA is confident in their future success through dedication to excellence.


SUNTA plans to expand their household product offerings, focusing on innovative, high-quality products that meet customer needs. They will invest in research and development to improve sustainability and ensure ethical treatment of stakeholders. Exceptional customer service will remain a priority for SUNTA as they aim for growth, innovation, and social responsibility.